Graphic Design & Brand Building

Branding, Logos, Advertisements, Restaurant Menus, Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Invitations,

Window Graphics, Banners,Custom Products, Wall Graphics & More 

Promotion & Event Consulting

Thinkk Creative has a solid reputation for successfully launching and branding new promotions

and events or tuning up your brands existing ones. This is achieved by creative thinking, a complement

of marketing disciplines that reach target audiences, building long-term brand loyalty.

Social Media & Marketing Tune-Ups

Not social media or marketing savvy, no problem! We offer a crash course in setting up or

perfecting your social media platforms to represent and maximize your brand properly.

In addition, we provide marketing tips and resources of the do’s and dont’s in the

forever changing fast paced world of social media and marketing.

In-House Promotional Videos For Restaurants & Bars

Non-stop, advertise your establishment’s delicious food, cocktail and beer specials along with

promoting weekly events, special one-off events, sporting events and holiday specials

on your in house HDTV system. 




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